Our RFID Readers work with all Access Control Systems

TagMaster's Long Range RFID Readers boast seamless compatibility with leading Access Control System Manufacturers, encompassing a comprehensive array of interfaces and protocols essential for streamlined communication.

With an extensive track record spanning over 25 years, we've pioneered the development of RFID Readers, deploying thousands of units globally across diverse Access Control systems. Our enduring success can be attributed to our steadfast commitment to accommodating the latest interfaces and protocols prevalent in today's dynamic market.

What sets us apart is our unwavering dedication to inclusivity within our Readers. We take pride in offering a holistic solution—everything our customers require is integrated into the Reader itself. This eliminates the need for additional protocol converters, simplifying the installation process significantly. Moreover, our customers appreciate the seamless integration and ease of installation that our Readers provide.

The versatility of our Readers remains unparalleled, offering a rich spectrum of functionalities tailored to meet the unique demands of any scenario or application. This adaptability ensures that our solutions align perfectly with our customers' diverse needs, empowering them with a comprehensive and reliable Access Control system.


Supported Access Control Systems*

*A selection of supported systems. Please contact us for more information.


Supported Interfaces

Supported Protocols



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Flexible and reliable

Besides offering flexibility, efficiency, and reliability, TagMaster RFID Long Range Readers includes features such as: long reading range, quick reading time, long lifetime, and durability in harsh environments. Our systems are easy to install and can be set up using a web interface. The Readers have a very high product quality ensures a low cost of owner­ship.

TagMaster offers a full range of high-performance RAIN compliant UHF products as well as 2,45GHz products. Our readers provide high performance identification of ID-tags from a distance up to 14 meters (46 feet).


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