Increased efficiency in warehouses and industrial areas with Long Range RFID-solutions

Tag Master’s Long-Range RFID Readers can be used in an almost indefinite number of ways when it comes to identifying a vehicle, a position or an object and can trigger just any kind of action.


Industrial areas

One particular application area where using Long Range RFID-solutions is common and very beneficial, is within industrial areas and on industrial vehicles. Typical areas of use are, ports, mills, docks, mines, distribution centers or warehouses. The purpose is often to prevent unauthorised people from accessing restricted areas. Another purpose might be to enable efficient, convenient, and secure handling of cargo and goods. Yet another purpose might be to avoid long queues and unnecessary emissions at the gates of industrial plants, with vehicles waiting to enter or leave.

Special demands

In an industrial environment, there are often other technical systems that transmit on the same frequency and can therefore interfere with the signal from the RFID Reader. To prevent disturbance, TagMaster has developed a feature called Frequency hopping (FHSS), which allows the Reader to automatically find and select the best possible frequency with less or no disturbance. This feature is available in the LR-6 Reader. A suitable tag, developed especially for demanding environments is the Marktag HD.



Use case: How a distribution warehouse uses TagMaster Long-Range RFID Readers  

DG Pace Company Inc needed to improve the flow and functionality for their doors in and around their warehouse. The company needed a turnkey solution for their high-speed roll-up doors to grant their forklift fleet access into their industrial freezer. In the warehouse, multiple high-speed roll-up doors stand adjacent to each other. Previously, the doors operated using sensors. With the sensor system, the doors would open rapidly whenever vehicles or forklifts drove past, even when they were not trying to gain access to the freezers.














To address the warehouse’s concerns, TagMaster provided the LR-series microwave readers and heavy-duty tags. The 2.45GHz readers feature a highly defined and directional read lobe, which made installation and configuration easy. Additionally, only vehicles with valid credentials are granted access to each freezer door, and each occasion of access is logged.

The heavy-duty tags each have their own unique ID and is mounted on the vehicle*, so the warehouse can assign each employee their own tag, and employees can move their unique tags from vehicle to vehicle, allowing employee tracking in addition to vehicle access control. With TagMaster RFID system in place, the warehouse has a secure, efficient and easy-to-use system that is durable enough to withstand even the most demanding environments, including industrial and low-temperature environments. By installing RFID-Readers the company also got data and a logg, showing all passages, data that can be used for analytical purposes. *(The fastening method is depending on the technical demands, condisions within the facility and type of vehicle).


Application guide: Identification of Industrial Vehicles

For more information on how you can use TagManster Long Range RFID Readers within warehouses and industrial facilities, please download the following guide for more information:

TagMaster Application guide: Identification of Industrial Vehicles

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Product information:

Long Range Reader: XT/LR-series 

Tags: Passive/Active ID-tags/cards


About our solutions

High quality for optimal performance

TagMaster’s products are designed to meet high demands of reliability, performance and safety, featuring long reading distance, high reading speed, robust design, climatic resistance, magnetic and electric fields, resistance to mechanical vibration, stress and shock – all while ensuring reliability, performance and safety.

Probably the best Long Range RFID readers in the world

Our superior Long Range RFID readers, are able to scan and read vehicles approaching up to 14 m of range. The readers capture secure, encrypted data from all passing tags, automatically authenticates if it is a valid TagMaster tag, executes on desired action, and pass on information to other integrated applications, if so desired.

Easy to set up and manage

The RFID reader can easily be accessed and set up without additional software. It is also possible to set it up and maintain through an ethernet connection.  All vehicle credentials and data are then stored in the main access system. Once the set-up is complete, the system is active and functional and ready to serve 24/7/365. In TagMaster’s solutions, only one tag per vehicle is needed.

Standard Protocol and Integration

TagMaster’s Long Range RFID readers can send the tag-information via the most commonly used protocols, the readers can also be connected to other vehicle monitoring and management applications. When the long-range readers are integrated with an existing access control system, all the vehicle tags can be managed together with all other, regular, short range readers and access cards.