Get more value out of the Access Control System

No Interface Converters needed

Using the access control system beyond just access - in and out of the front door - increases the value of the investment and the efficiency in and around the office, industry, depot, parking space or other enclosed areas.

When including a TagMaster RFID Long Range Reader in the solution all doubts and mismatches regarding interfaces and communication protocols vanish. All TagMaster’s Long Range Readers comes with all interfaces and protocols needed to communicate with all major Access Control Manufacturers on today’s market:


Supported Interfaces

Supported Protocols

Supported Access Control Systems*

*A selection of supported systems. Please contact us for more technical information.


Installers and Integrators:

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TagMaster develops and markets the highest-quality Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) products available for today’s Traffic Solutions. RFID is used for automatic identification of vehicles, and its applications are widespread, as is the technology itself.

Besides offering flexibility, efficiency, and reliability, TagMaster product features include long reading range, quick reading time, long lifetime, and durability in harsh environments. Our systems are easy to install and the high product quality ensures a low cost of owner­ship.

There are several frequency bands allocated to RFID operations, ranging from low-frequency systems to ultra-high frequency systems. TagMaster offers a full range of high performance RAIN compliant UHF products as well as 2,45GHz products. Our readers provide high performance identification of ID-tags from a distance of up to 14 meters (46 feet).


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