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The Future of Inductive Loop Counters


Inductive Loop Counters


In a world where the future of mobility is changing at an alarming rate, the technology used to help understand how our road networks are being used and the data collected, for the purpose of decision making, needs to complement the high demands we have upon it.
CA Traffic has manufactured a core line of inductive loop based products that served the demand of the market at the time, these units were designed over 20 years ago, as expected technology has substantially moved on to fall in line with modern day expectations.
Here are some of the reasons why migration to the latest generation of inductive loop based hardware can revolutionise not only how you collect data, but also how that data can be used.

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1. Modern Day Technology for Modern Day Demands

The BlackCAT Compact is the latest offering from CA Traffic for inductive loop based vehicle and cycle monitoring. Utilising an intelligent operating system, the BlackCAT can run detailed vehicle by vehicle surveys whilst transmitting this back to an instation automatically. The modem can also support multi-network SIM cards to ensure that network issues no longer effect the collection of data, in turn this also boasts an improvement to power usage and overall counter resilience. 

2. Live Data & Visibility

In order to have visibility of live traffic movements, the data needs to also be available live. The BlackCAT can transmit the data every 60 seconds to the instation to provide early warning signs of congestion and incident detection. As the data streams in live, it is also validated and pushed to the historic database ready for detailed analysis at a later date. The data can be pushed seamlessly to multiple instations to allow for the same piece of hardware to be used for multiple purposes.

3. Intelligent Hardware

Whilst carrying out all the basic functions you would expect from a roadside counter, the BlackCAT Compact will also monitor the status of the inductive loops and provide feedback to the user if the loops are starting to breakdown in the road. If a loop does fail in an array, the BlackCAT Compact will automatically switch to single loop speed and classification detection to ensure it is still providing the best possible data until the site is repaired.

4. Retro Fit

To minimise the impact of migrating to a new hardware platform, CA Traffic have ensured the BlackCAT Compacts are compatible with existing vehicle detecting inductive loop installations. Any combination of inductive loops can be utilised whether it was previously a CA Traffic installation or an alternative supplier with varying loop dimensions. The same solar panels and batteries are also used to ensure the BlackCAT Compact can truly be retrofitted to an existing roadside installation.

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CA Traffic - BlackCAT Compact

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