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In a times of increased budget scrutiny, it is imperative that maximum potential is achieved from all deployed traffic monitoring assets, as well as having the ability to manage and operate that system with absolute ease and without the headaches that come with deployed applications.


Web Hosted Platform

The web hosted platform from CA Traffic, VDA-Net R2, is the platform to give data from roadside hardware an unlimited reach and an impressive boost in added value.

VDA-Net R2 is a web based reflection of the mature analysis platform VDA-Pro R2, ensuring the same reporting engine and reports are available in this new look and dynamic web platform.

Release 2 of VDA-Net offers significant enhancement over the original release. The website is built on APIs giving a responsive client experience, the REST architecture offers enhanced user-perceived performance and the ability to easily scale the system.

Further to the expected volumetric, speed, classification and journey time reports, VDA-Net will also produce estimated emissions reports (via the DEFRA emissions factors toolkit) from all VBV speed & class data that is collected, instantly adding air quality data to your existing monitoring network.


Live data can also be viewed on the Smart Map which displays alerts based on dramatic changes to speed or flow on sites. To learn more about the Smart Map click to see a recent case study: Worcestershire Case Study

Producing enhanced data from your existing network is nothing without the ability to present it to a wider audience, therefore the VDA-Net platform allows for unlimited user accounts as standard, to make data sharing entirely uncomplicated.

With data being digested by a larger number of users, raising the profile of the authority operating the system is also paramount. To do this, corporate branding can be applied to give the data a firm identity and a professional look.


Built in Web API

However beyond this platform, we know there is still more value that can be added to your data. In a world of combined challenges intuitive solutions are required to minimise spend on infrastructure and utilise existing assets even further. The built in Web API allows other systems to request and use datasets stored and managed by VDA-Net R2. Smart street lighting control, flow/speed congestion alerts and live traffic modelling are just a few examples of how data can be used outside of this system.


In summary, if you are looking for a maintenance free system that increases the value of your traffic monitoring data whilst giving you a platform to share data to unlimited users, then contact our sales team today to arrange a demo!


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