Improve Efficiency at Distribution Centres with ANPR



The customer wanted to make the entry and exit into the Distribution Centres more effective. Installing CitySync ANPR cameras for access control on the entry and exit lanes, automated a previously manual task, reducing staffing costs and speeding up the process, making deliveries to the distribution centre more efficient. The main challenges to overcome were:

  1. Access Control
  2. Safety of staff on site
  3. Improve efficiency
  4. Data records for analysis

The CitySync ANPR system provides solutions to all of the above and more.



The Solution

1. Access Control

CitySync’s intelligent ANPR camera reads and outputs the vehicles plate, time and date to the customer’s own database software. This information is displayed on a monitor situated in a small tower at the barrier. The drivers are able to confirm the details are correct and are then instructed which loading bay to go to and given access to the site.

Vehicles are required to leave the site in a similar way. The system monitors and records how long the vehicles have been onsite.  You can also see exactly what vehicles are onsite at any given time.


2. Safety of Staff on Site

CitySync’s ANPR systems can be used to control and operate electronic barriers and gates, providing real-time database checks, alarms triggers and notifications all adding extra layers of security to a site. This can help better manage traffic flows, monitor visit durations, increase site security and achieve higher levels of safety for both drivers and pedestrians.


3. Improve Efficiency

The customer installed CitySync ANPR cameras on the entry and exit lanes at the Distribution Centres to speed up the access control and improve the efficiency of the overall delivery process. The database stores delivery vehicles number plates and drivers just confirm their details are correct on arrival for immediate access to the site.


4. Data Records for Analysis

The database records all vehicle plate reads. Statistics can show the busiest times of day to help staffing. Dwell times of users are calculated to check the distribution centre’s efficiency.OK

The customer used their own software for this project, however, CitySync’s JetManagementSuite ANPR Software can do this independently of third party software.

JetManagementSuite combines world leading ANPR with an analytics package utilised around the globe in many industries and applications.


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