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TagMaster UK Answers the DfT Call to Arms

With Covid-19 driving a change to how we all live and work currently, the UK Government was urgently seeking transport data from across the country to inform how they respond to the Covid-19 outbreak.

Clients using the VDA-Net platform were able to take advantage of our built in API (Application Programming Interface) to facilitate swift integration of their traffic data in to the DfT back office system.

Live or daily data can now be seamlessly streamed from VDA-Net to support on-going informed decision making for the UK Government whilst the user interface within VDA-Net also allows for detailed traffic data analysis for unlimited users within the local authority that owns the data.


The VDA-Net application provides users with the ability to instantly identify trends and track road use behaviour changes which is made even more obvious by the drastic change in road use thanks to Covid-19.

The importance of automatic traffic data collection has never been easier to highlight than at times when there are movement restrictions on our road networks globally. Seamless data collection and asset management is carried out via the VDA-Net platform whilst ensuring ease of integration with 3rd party applications to effortlessly complement transport policy agenda alongside innovative new ways of working.


If you aren’t already subscribed to the VDA-Net platform, get in touch to find out how we can help you unlock your transport data.


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