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The management of waste disposal is a challenge affecting regional and national authorities all over the World.

These challenges have been further highlighted in recent weeks with the recent re-opening of household waste sites nationwide and the increased demand and traffic congestion as a direct result.

Household Waste and Recycling Centres have a number of challenges to address in order to maximise successful operation including:

  1. Ensuring safety of staff and users on site
  2. Preventing illegal waste disposal (commercial waste)
  3. Deterring or investigating break-ins
  4. Monitoring traffic congestion
  5. Providing staff with up to date information

TagMaster Waste Sites bespoke solutions can help with all of the above and much more!


How We Help

Safety for all on site

Staff and site users have the right to work and visit without fear. TagMaster CS range of high-accuracy ANPR cameras offer a deterrent to abusive behaviour. If any incidents occur on site, the responsible person, and his vehicle can be added to an alarm list if they attempt to regain access to the site. All alarm list entries can be time limited, if required, and can trigger different actions from the system including audible, visual, via SMS and email.


Preventing illegal disposal

As most household recycling centres are free to use for residents of the area, they can be an enticing target for unscrupulous companies to get rid of their commercial waste. TagMaster’s range of software comes complete with a Frequent Visitor module which will highlight any unusually large amount of visits in a user defined period of time. The user sets a number of allowed visits per day / week / month /etc, and the system automatically alarms when a user breaks the rule.


Deterring break-ins

When the site shuts down, there can be a number of high-value items for thieves to target. Our ANPR cameras operate 24 hours a day, regardless of lighting conditions, at the highest accuracies. The presence of the system deters theft and helps catch anyone who tries.


Monitoring traffic flow

Some times of day can be busier than others on site. TagMaster JMS software comes complete with numerous useful analysis tools. Statistics can show the busiest times of day to help staffing and (when you add a camera to the site exit) dwell times of users can be calcula- ted to check the centre’s efficiency.


Information how you want it

All alarms and frequent visitor alerts can be passed on to staff in multiple formats for best flexibility. This could be direct to their phones through email, or text alerts, or on-screen in the software. Certain alarms can even trigger relays to sound alarms or raise road-blockers.


Products Used

CS40 / CS50



Additional Products - Ask us about...

Induction Loop presence detectors

Vandal-resistant ANPR mount bollards

Speed alert Radar technology

VMS site messaging / vehicle identifier



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