Everyone wants a smooth parking experience

At TagMaster, we believe every aspect of a vehicle access solution should be tailored to fit the project requirements. We are committed to providing the solution that suits all your project needs, while at the same time offering low total cost of ownership (TCO) and high return of investment. 

Here are three good reasons to implement TagMaster's solutions and create a smooth parking experience:


1. Fast and uncomplicated access

At TagMaster, we know that everyone wants the parking experience to be as smooth as parking on your own driveway or in your garage. With TagMaster's convenient free-flow parking solutions, drivers can stay focused on the destination—not the journey.

TagMaster’s solutions involve long-range RFID technology, automatic number plate recognition (ANPR), or a combination of both. Among the many advantages of each of these technologies is that vehicle authentication happens automatically and provides free-flow access. This means that drivers have safe (no touch) and free flow-access to the premises. Drivers don’t have to fumble with credential ID cards or roll down their windows to interact with a system key pad or guard. Also, the payment process can be automated. This fast and convenient authentication simply isn’t the case with other access systems such as proximity readers or manual entry systems.

With faster entrance times, parking applications can maximize throughput times for contract parkers, virtually eliminating congestion and increasing lane availability. With a TagMaster parking or access solution, it's possible to provide a premium parking experience and promote customer loyalty, maximizing ROI.


Automatic Vehicle Identification with RFID is as fast as vehicle access with no gate or barrier.* 

*Statistics from Parking Structures: Planning, Design, Construction and Repair, Third Edition (p. 141)


2. Minimize costs with little or no maintenance and minimal installation time  

With TagMaster parking and access solutions we help minimize the cost of owning and managing the Automatic Vehicle Identification solution (AVI). Our solutions require little to no maintenance, saving the operator from hidden maintenance and repair costs, often associated with many other solutions. TagMaster have over 25 years  of experience and knowledge within Long Range RFID and our readers just keep working, year after year without any problems.


3. Reduce risk with true free-flow access

TagMaster's long-range RFID and ANPR solutions are true free-flow access solutions. Drivers gain fast and convenient entry without taking their hands off the steering wheel. This virtually eliminates tailgating and traffic congestion, leading to lower emissions, reduced chances of collisions and equipment damage. Furthermore, drivers run the risk of colliding with bollards and other parking equipment as they try to get their vehicles as close as possible to interact with the keypad or proximity entry systems. These collisions can result in expensive equipment damage and repair costs.


With a TagMaster solution, parking is an effortless experience - for both operators and customers.


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Product information:

Long Range Reader: XT/LR-series 

Tags: Passive/Active ID-tags/cards

ANPR Cameras: CS40, CS50



About our solutions

High quality for optimal performance

TagMaster’s products are designed to meet high demands of reliability, performance and safety, featuring long reading distance, high reading speed, robust design, climatic resistance, magnetic and electric fields, resistance to mechanical vibration, stress and shock – all while ensuring reliability, performance and safety.

Probably the best Long Range RFID readers in the world

Our superior Long Range RFID readers, are able to scan and read vehicles approaching up to 14 m of range. The readers capture secure, encrypted data from all passing tags, automatically authenticates if it is a valid TagMaster tag, executes on desired action, and pass on information to other integrated applications, if so desired.

Easy to set up and manage

The RFID reader can easily be accessed and set up without additional software. It is also possible to set it up and maintain through an ethernet connection.  All vehicle credentials and data are then stored in the main access system. Once the set-up is complete, the system is active and functional and ready to serve 24/7/365. In TagMaster’s solutions, only one tag per vehicle is needed.

Standard Protocol and Integration

TagMaster’s Long Range RFID readers can send the tag-information via the most commonly used protocols, the readers can also be connected to other vehicle monitoring and management applications. When the long-range readers are integrated with an existing access control system, all the vehicle tags can be managed together with all other, regular, short range readers and access cards.