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Growing interest on the benefits of Active Travel has increased the demand for accurate and timely bicycle travel data.  Bicycle traffic monitoring is essential to comprehend current figures and for planning and predicting future demand to manage cycling infrastructure.

With the launch of both the Compact Bicycle Piezo and Compact Bicycle Loop, TagMaster introduces the latest generation of bicycle counting technology. 

Key Features:

Compact Bicycle Piezo

The high accuracy Piezo sensor for Cycle Paths uses two piezoelectric strips embedded into the path to accurately measure the downward pressure of the cycle as the wheels go over it. By having two strips it can measure the speed, direction and wheelbase of the cycle. 

The Compact Bicycle Piezo uses piezo sensors to precisely analyse the piezoelectric output profile of each bicycle using advanced signal processing. The system is ideal for deploying on bicycle paths and shared lanes with pedestrians and is an easy to use stand-alone system utilising battery or solar power options.

Data accurately collected by TagMaster’s Compact Bicycle Piezo can be used by transport planners to make informed decisions. The data can also help justify investments and measure the success of an active transportation policy.

Compact Bicycle Loop

The highly durable inductive loops can be used for cycle paths, shared lane with pedestrians and in-road and can be fitted to a standard Compact Loop detector. The unit measure the speed, length and chassis height for accurate counting.

The Compact Bicycle Loop uses inductive loop sensors to precisely analyse the loop output profile of each bicycle using advanced signal processing. The system is ideal for deploying on bicycle paths, shared lanes with pedestrians and in roads. The Compact Bicycle Loop is an easy to use standalone system utilising battery or solar power options.

Detailed data collection can assist in promoting improved conditions for cyclists. It helps transport planners and engineers to plan new cycle lane infrastructure and upgrade existing cycle lanes.




As a middleware for TagMaster’s infomobility products, the EASYDATA API can parse, receive, store and acknowledge all real-time VBV data transmitted. The field units (sensors, radars etc.) are easily configured to send their real time data to this middleware. In the event of a 3G/4G connection loss, the EASYDATA API middleware will catchup unretrieved data. 

The TagMaster Infomobility protocol ensures the data is safe until it has been received by the customer application. The EASYDATA API middleware keeps all data in a persistent memory until it has been processed by the customer application. This ensures no single vehicle detection is lost at any point. 



Both systems are perfect for obtaining trends over time and allows for the comparison of bicycle trips over consecutive months, seasons, or years. Real-time communication provides instant data on bicycle users to understand the potential impact on services and infrastructure.



Compact Bicycle Piezo

Compact Bicycle Loop


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