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As car use increases, so does the need to park. It is estimated that cars are parked 95% of the time, so managing this is key in both the commercial and public sectors. In free flow parking environments, you need the best quality ANPR to capture vehicles entering and exiting site accurately, every time. This is where TagMaster ANPR can help you. 

TagMaster’s parking solution is perfect for this and provides the following benefits:

1. Best in Class camera read rates, 24/7

2. Quick and easy installation

3. Increased parking revenue

4. Improved site security

Free-flow parking diminishes the necessity for physically touching machines at vehicle entry and exit, in both barrierless or barrier controlled applicationsFree-flow parking relies on accurate and reliable ANPR vehicle identification.

The TagMaster Free Flow Parking System is therefore ideal for:

As an example TagMaster has delvered ANPR cameras for use in 30 airports in Norway in cooperation with a leading parking operator in Norway. Totally 400 ANPR cameras has been deployed in order to facilitate entry and exit of numerous parking facilities at the airports.

How it works

TagMaster utilises its CT45 all-in-one cameras to capture vehicles entering and exiting the car park to ensure that each vehicle is correctly processed facilitating for a successful and accurate parking management system. A single camera can capture plates passing through a wide entrance from up to 25m away. All processing is done on-board and event data, including a high resolution overview image, is passed onto a server which compares arrival and departure times. The camera can also fuction as a stand alone solution with a built in data base and realy if a door needs to be opened.


Easy 5 min Set up

When on site, you will have the camera up and running in just 5 minutes. The installation and set-up process are very easy. Only one ethernet cable required for both powering the camera up (PoE+) and network connection.

Every camera is supplied Wi-Fi enabled for set-up, making the whole process simple. Using Wi-Fi on your smart phone, tablet or laptop you can connect to the camera and access the set-up menu. The motorised zoom lenses (CT45) with auto-focus for ANPR and overview cameras can be set up in minutes.

Each camera is shipped with a quick set up guide and a comprehensive user guide and technical manual to refer to if needed.


Cost of Ownership

We are confident that it has one of the best correct recognition rates on the market, harvesting the maximum number of plates for free flow parking management or giving best performance for access control & security.Installation costs can be lower with PoE+ as less time and infrastructure are required. Cameras can be accessed remotely for diagnostics and maintenance, saving time and money travelling to site. The Linux based Operating System is secure stable and free from recurring licence fees.


How we help 

1. Best in class camera read rates, 24/7

The CT45 is a ‘best in class’ intelligent ANPR camera, with the latest camera and ANPR software technology, designed and manufactured in Europe by TagMaster. The reliable hardware and advanced recognition engine are developed in-house, providing quality and performance that are second to none. Motorised zoom lenses with auto focus for both ANPR and colour overview make the CT45 quick and easy to setup in one visit.

2. Increased parking revenue

TagMaster ANPR cameras can increase revenue in two ways. Firstly, through fines from vehicles contravening parking regulations. TagMaster cameras can output accurate plate data with capture times and images to third party back-office systems to enable enforcement actions to take place. The second benefit is the reduction of improper car park use, making it easier for genuine customers to find a space, encouraging them to use the facility and improving the overall shopping experience.

3. Quick and easy installation 

The CT45 has been designed to be set up quickly and easily via the intuitive web interface. Zoom lenses with autofocus for the ANPR and colour overview cameras respectively allow easy read range adjustment from 3 to 25 metres, giving enough flexibility to suit any application and ensuring sites are up and running as quickly of possible without repeat visits.

4. Improved site security

Outside of normal opening hours, some car parks can become attractive places to commit crime. TagMaster ANPR cameras capture plates 24/7regardless of external lighting conditions, helping to deter crime and provide vital evidence. The CT45’s integral colour overview can also be connected to external surveillance systems.

When used with TagMaster ANPR cameras, Jet Management Suite increases site security by providing a fully searchable log on all vehicle movements plus alarm, frequent visitor, and barrier control options.



TagMaster have a significant amount of experience and exceptional track record in providing ANPR solutions in a wide range of applications. With quality, accuracy and reliability being of utmost importance to a sucesssful ANPR installation, TagMaster's 'best in class' ANPR cameras seamlessly integrate with third party systems to provide complete free flow parking solutions. 


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