Transform Your Traffic Monitoring

By utilising a modern traffic monitoring platform, the Compact, which can be retro-fitted to historic inductive loop sites, you can unlock huge amounts of added value and instantly transform your current network of Automatic Traffic Counters (ATCs) in to an active monitoring hub with untapped possibilities.

Compact Loop


Congestion Monitoring

smart map

Live average speed and traffic flow information is displayed on an interactive map to help identify early warning signs for congestion build-up. The Smart Map highlights sites with irregular traffic behaviour. Individual lane speed/flow information is then instantly viewable.


Estimated Emissions

VDA net

TagMaster has developed the means to harness the emissions factors toolkit, provided by the Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs. This means that without any changes to on site hardware, alongside the expected speed and classification reports, estimated emissions data can now be reported on via the VDA-Net analysis suite.




The web based Vehicle Data Analyser portal makes the sharing of collected data seamless. Unlimited user accounts can be created, with complete control by system administrators to assign and limit what data is available for each user. 



If the data being collected by the roadside equipment needs to be shared over multiple systems, the APIs available via VDA-Net means that the data can easily be integrated to bespoke systems without the need to carry out direct product integration.




The Compact platform allows modern communication networks to be used such as GPRS, 3G, 4G. Further to this, the Compact supports multi-network SIM cards providing an extremely reliable and resilient solution to remote data collection. 






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