Maximise Parking Revenue

TagMaster’s reliable ‘best in class’ ANPR technology is the most effective way to manage your car park.



TagMaster intelligent ANPR cameras and JMS software can be integrated into all car park scenarios from free flow monitoring or off-street parking systems and have been successfully deployed in numerous car parks across Europe and North America. TagMaster ANPR is proven to provide accurate data to maximise revenue and keep your car park running securely 24/7.



Cost effective, hassle free parking

Prevent misuse of the parking area

Increased revenue

Increased Site Security

Quick and easy installation



TagMaster ANPR cameras are designed to be easy to install, give excellent performance in all conditions, increase parking revenue and enhance customer satisfaction whilst collecting valuable data on customer parking habits to continually improve car park functionality and flow.


Cost effective

ANPR is an efficient and cost-effective way to manage your car park. TagMaster’s reliable hardware and advanced recognition engine are developed in-house, providing quality and performance that are second to none. Highly accurate plate reads and 24/7 operation makes TagMaster’s ANPR technology an extremely efficient solution.


Prevent Misuse of the parking area

Unauthorised parking and abuse can create all sorts of problems for business owners and customers. From loss of revenue and traffic congestion to crime and site damage. By keeping track of who enters and exits the site, ANPR matches each vehicles’ number with its own records, determining which motorists are legitimate.


Increased Revenue

TagMaster ANPR cameras can increase revenue in two ways. Firstly, through fines from vehicles contravening parking regulations. TagMaster cameras can output accurate plate data with capture times and images to third party back-office systems to enable enforcement actions to take place. The second benefit is the reduction of improper car park use, making it easier for genuine customers to find a space, encouraging them to use the facility and improving the overall shopping experience.


Increased Site Security

Outside of normal opening hours, some car parks can become attractive places to commit crime. TagMaster ANPR cameras capture plates 24/7regardless of external lighting conditions, helping to deter crime and provide vital evidence. The CT45’s integral colour overview can also be connected to external surveillance systems.

When used with TagMaster ANPR cameras, Jet Management Suite increases site security by providing a fully searchable log on all vehicle movements plus alarm, frequent visitor, and barrier control options.


Quick and easy installation

The reliable hardware and advanced recognition engine are developed in-house, providing quality and performance that are second to none. Motorised zoom lenses with auto focus for both ANPR and colour overview make the CT45 quick and easy to setup in one visit.



TagMaster ANPR solutions are an excellent choice for shopping centres, retail parks, motorway service stations or any parking application where you need reliable, accurate data 24/7.

TagMaster have a significant amount of experience and exceptional track record in providing ANPR solutions in a wide range of applications. With quality, accuracy and reliability being of utmost importance to a sucesssful ANPR installation, TagMaster's 'best in class' ANPR cameras seamlessly integrate with third party systems.




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