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TagMaster’s feature rich technologies and software applications can add value to collected traffic data. Migrating to the latest generation of inductive loop-based hardware can revolutionise how you collect and utilise traffic data.

Compact Loop


TagMaster have a variety of intelligent hardware solutions to capture traffic movements in and around cities. From inductive loop-based counters and classifiers to above ground cycling and pedestrian monitoring radars.

Having a flexible hardware platform such as the TagMaster Compact enables rich data capture at the roadside, which can be exploited during post processing for historical analysis whilst also making use of the same data as it is transmitted live from the roadside to support traffic management and incident detections systems.

The data we are capturing for Transport Planning can also be used as live data for network management, incident detection, green light optimisation and estimated emissions reporting.



TagMaster recognise the importance of sharing data. Having the wide level of visibility is vital when it comes to helping to understand the bigger picture of what is truly happening on our road networks and the impacts of events or incidents outside of the immediate managed network. Therefore, TagMaster’s Vehicle Data Analyser (VDA) platform not only serves as a fantastic tool for detailed and rich data reporting but also encourages and enables open data sharing to ensure there is no cap to the value that can be extracted from the data being collected.




Congestion Monitoring & More

Utilising TagMaster’s Smart Map allows easy identification of strategic points on the network to help users understand at what point the increase of flow at certain locations starts to have a negative impact on the average speed, cause congestion and then the direct impact of this on the surrounding area via live estimated emissions calculations.

smart map

With all this data in one place it is the perfect platform to support congestion management systems, emissions-based route diversion initiatives, park and ride promotion, active travel schemes and much more.


Application Notes

TagMaster provided the City of York with a cost-effective retrofit program of their existing monitoring network. This transformed the data collection process and made a strong foundation of real-time transport data across their network. This overhaul formed part of the Smart Travel Evolution Program (STEP) for the City of York and now provides their real-time modelling applications that detect a feed that has a high trust rating where they have been carrying out investigations into the possibilities of Green Light Optimised Speed Advisory concepts with the aim of reducing CO2 emissions and improving network flow.


Worcestershire County Council evaluated the market for new technologies to assist in the management of their roads. Already having a large network of inductive loop-based sites for historic data collection, TagMaster recommended the upgrade of the 20 year old hardware to the latest Compact inductive loop outstations to transform how they can use the existing data streams and much more.

Minimising the environmental impacts of procuring a new system by utilising existing infrastructure, such as roadside street furniture, solar panels/batteries, as well as the in ground inductive loops, the migration to a live platform was able to be carried out at a very low cost and breathed new life into existing assets.


The SmartMap (available through VDA-Net) highlights the behaviour of traffic under times of congestion or incidents in real time, however to complete the full picture of traffic movements in and around Worcestershire, TagMaster subscribe to the Highways England Datex2 feed to present Highways England and local authority live data on a single and seamless interface.

By including the Datex2 live feed, Worcestershire can use the speed and flow alerts as an early warning system for unplanned demand on their road network, until this system went live, there was no visibility of why sudden impacts occurred on their road network from the two major junctions on the M5 that straddle Worcestershire.



In summary, by migrating to the latest generation of inductive loop-based hardware you can revolutionise how you collect and utilise traffic data. Agile and connected data platforms enable you to exploit the data you collect for informed decision making, improve network management, create energy saving opportunities and much more.







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