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Whether your company property has a public or private car park, it’s vital to provide easy access for vehicles whilst at the same time making sure security is of paramount importance.

ANPR (automatic number plate recognition) cameras can provide the perfect solution to make certain that only authorised vehicles are allowed to enter your site. ANPR uses cameras and optical character recognition to match with a database of authorised number plates, meaning no access card is required, delivering quick and easy access for employees and authorised visitors.

TagMaster’s latest intelligent ANPR cameras give ‘‘best in class’’ performance to meet the needs of the most demanding high security and access control systems today. TagMaster ANPR cameras are designed for easy installation with intuitive web page set up, built in help guide and PoE+ as standard on all cameras.


How it works

TagMaster’s intelligent ANPR cameras read number plates and allow quick and easy access to authorised vehicles. They can run stand alone with a basic access control database or in conjunction with our JMS application to form part of an integrated security/access control system scalable from a single camera to multi-site installations comprising numerous cameras.

TagMaster’s ANPR cameras are compatible with barriers, industrial gates and security bollards, making it effortless to integrate with various security systems. TagMaster’s ANPR cameras have built in relays to provide automatic access control directly from the camera to open gates or barriers on a database match.

TagMaster’s JMS software suite provides a centralised management system with a flexible database perfect for multi-site operations requiring a central database over many locations and equally functional for a single site.

The database can be made up of up to 100 customisable categories which trigger rule-based responses. Number plates can be compared to a database of vehicles including staff, authorised visitors, deliveries, VIPs, or any vehicle of interest.

JMS Software

JMS allows administrators to allocate the number of car park spaces allowed to certain categories. For example, employees, senior management, visitors etc. The system will keep count of entries and exits to ensure maximums are enforced. A live count shows the status of the overall car park.

For commercial car parks, dwell time reporting allows you to monitor how long your guests stay for and filter by the time of day, day of the week or category of visitor. If people outstay their welcome, overstay reports and alarms can be generated. This is also great for monitoring time spent on site by vehicles at Distribution Centres or Delivery Depots.

Output a message to an LED sign whether it be to instruct delivery vehicles which loading bay to approach or display the number of free spaces in a car park.

Frequent Visitor rules can be set for a maximum number of visits for a vehicle in a configurable timescale. Those who exceed your pre-defined limits are allocated to a database category from which alarms or access control rules can be generated.

Temporary Visitors can quickly be added by inserting a captured plate to the access control database with an auto-expiry time.

Alerts can be sent, to security for instance, by email for vehicles of interest.

Use the JMS Car Sharing module to help your organisation reduce their carbon footprint, whilst maximising onsite parking.

JMS software’s advanced reporting automatically creates a fully searchable event log that can be searched by lane, time data, database category or any combination of these parameters.



ANPR is becoming an extremely popular solution providing organisations with an effective visitor and car park access management system as well as improved site security. TagMaster develops true intelligent ANPR cameras with the highest accuracy, read rates and image quality perfectly suited for access control and security applications.



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