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Changes to the Road Traffic Act Regulations to extend The Civil Enforcement of Road Traffic Contraventions to Local Authorities came into force on 31st May 2022. Local Authorities across England and Wales have be given the power to enforce moving traffic contraventions.

Restrictions indicated by the traffic signs, as prescribed in the Traffic Signs Regulations and General Directions 2016 (TSRGD) such as banned turns, box junctions and driving in formal bus, taxi and cycle lanes. They are now expected to use these powers to improve connectivity, boost active travel and increase air quality by reducing congestion.

Cllr David Renard, transport spokesperson for the Local Government Association said: ’Councils have been calling for powers to make our roads safer and less congested for all road users. Powers to enforce against moving traffic offences, such as banned turns, weight restricted roads and yellow box junctions will help to keep local roads moving and make our air cleaner’ (Source: Transport Network).

However, in line with the general principles of good regulation, any enforcement should be carried out in a way which is transparent, accountable, proportionate and consistent, and should be targeted only where action is needed. 




Moving Traffic Offences

Bus, Taxi & Cycle Lane Violations

UK Bus lanes are shown by road markings and signs that indicate which (if any) other vehicles are permitted to use the bus lane. Unless otherwise indicated, you should not drive in a bus lane during its period of operation. You may enter a bus lane to stop, to load or unload where this is not prohibited. 

Bus lanes aren’t always just for buses. Taxis, motorcyclists and cyclists can use many of them too.

All over the World, at every level of government, departments are trying to reduce congestion on the roads and encourage the use of more efficient and green public transport. The creation of bus lanes in and around major cities is a key component of this and TagMaster has solutions in hundreds of bus lane enforcement systems which help:

TagMaster’s system can accurately capture the plates of all vehicles travelling down a bus lane and compare them to a list of allowed, registered, vehicles in real-time. For each plate-read the system can take multiple images from an in-built overview camera to prove the vehicle was moving along the lane. Further analytics can estimate the speed of the captured vehicle.

The camera can be scheduled to operate at certain times of day, allowing flexibility for local authorities to limit the system to operate only when bus schedules are busiest.

Any usage violation data can be passed on through web-services or exported from the camera to a specific network location.



Box junctions

A box junction is a traffic control measure designed to avoid congestion at junctions. They are easy to recognise in the UK, it’s a yellow box filled with criss-cross yellow lines painted on the road. They are designed to prevent gridlock by keeping junctions in heavily-congested areas clear, especially at peak times.

The Highway Code rules state, you are not allowed to enter the yellow box unless your exit is clear and there is enough space on the other side of the junction for your vehicle to clear the box completely without stopping.

Enforcing measures put in place to protect drivers and control traffic flow is essential in making these traffic control measures effective. If yellow box junctions are ignored the knock-on effect is traffic congestion and reduced air quality, however, there is no consequence to the driver. By enforcing moving traffic offences provides a deterrent from committing traffic violations.

TagMaster’s ANPR cameras can instantly identify offenders of box junction infringements and feed the data directly into any third-party civil enforcement system. TagMaster’s ANPR cameras provide the optimum results in number plate recognition with the best recognition rates on the market. 


Banned Turn Contraventions

Banned Turn Contraventions from one-way streets to no-entry signs and restricted access to weight limits and all the restrictions indicated by the TSRGD traffic signs will become civilly enforceable as moving traffic contraventions by the local authorities.

Civil enforcement solutions provide a cost-effective way for local authorities to deal with the high number of drivers that ignore traffic restrictions, reduce congestion and improve road safety.

TagMaster’s ANPR cameras deliver accurate and reliable detection of banned turn contraventions and deliver the data directly into any third-party civil enforcement system. TagMaster’s ANPR cameras provide accurate and consistent recognition of banned turn contraventions and deliver the data instantly into any third-party civil enforcement system. 


How We Help

Facilitate & Streamline Enforcement

Using TagMaster’s state-of-the-art ANPR cameras for maximum plate capture performance 24/7 combined with our industry leading recognition technology, TagMaster ANPR cameras can continuously capture moving traffic contraventions producing reliable data for Penalty Charge Notice (PCN) evidence packs including images, date and time stamped, to assist in successful enforcement.

Eco-friendly services with smaller costs

TagMaster’s ANPR cameras automatically record moving traffic contraventions which cuts the manual process and enforcement vehicle patrols. Carbon emission and fuel costs will be reduced, and Enforcement officers will save time and effort allowing them to focus on other traffic enforcement requirements.



With 38.6 million licensed vehicles in Great Britain and more traffic on the roads than ever, it is vital to keep traffic on the roads flowing. To increase the traffic capacity of our road network, modern technology is critical to assist any measures accessible to alleviate congestion. TagMaster’s leading ANPR cameras provide the ultimate performance in number plate recognition with the best recognition rates on the market, making them the number one choice of camera to be used in to feed any third-party civil enforcement system.



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