Non-Invasive ZERO Maintenance* Traffic Monitoring Solution

*mains powered only

The TrafficRadar unit allows for the collection of traffic data without the need for in-road sensors making it quick and easy to install.  The device can be mains powered for permanent installations that requires zero maintenance. Units comes with a 3G/4G modem and users can specify the way data is collected. Capturing detailed vehicle by vehicle records, the data can be streamed wirelessly in real time or made available for local historic collection.






The TrafficRadar can be used in numerous applications:

Road Safety Audits

Individual vehicle speeds are recorded along with time stamps and lane designation to allow for gap analysis (time in seconds between vehicles) to be reported against speed limit violations to quickly identify dangerous driving behaviour on the road network.

Mounting a radar to traffic signals also allows for ‘speed on green’ data to be captured, once again highlighting road user behaviour in a covert manner.


One Way Street Surveys

The TrafficRadar will flag reverse direction vehicles to highlight vehicle disciplines on one-way streets. Reports can easily be generated to report on the number of violations and the time of day that they are taking place.


HGV Zone Restriction Surveys

If there are concerns HGVs are using roads with weight restrictions, the Radar can be rapidly deployed to capture vehicle length data to easily report how many large vehicles are using the route.

The configurable length filters available with the VDA applications means that all vehicles under a certain length can be removed from the data set to easily present all the violations for the duration of the survey.


Traffic Adaptive Lighting Projects 

Permanently installed Radars can provide real-time data feeds for use cases beyond simply capturing traffic data. Streaming this data to street lighting providers allows for decisions to be made on whether to lower lighting levels on certain roads based on live traffic flow information for energy saving purposes.

Alternatively, if a route becomes much busier due to an unforeseen route diversion, street lights can be brightened to illuminate the roads better for a safer road network.


Speed & Flow Congestion Monitoring 

Live traffic data streamed from the TrafficRadars to the VDA-Net platform allows for live speed and flow data to be monitored and alerts raised on the SmartMap when abnormal flow conditions are detected on the network.

Using this data to feed third party live traffic modelling applications, then allows for green light optimisation to take place in an attempt to alleviate congestion and reduce emissions.


Annual Growth Reports

Long term collection or sampling of data enables transport planners to see yearly growth on the road network, AADT (annual average daily total) and  AAWT (annual average weekday total) are calculated and tracked by VDA to instantly report 5 and 7 days annual growth % for each site.


Road Network Demand 

Is the road now approaching a point of maximum capacity? When vehicle flows reach a certain point, does the average speed start to dwindle? Has the annual growth attributed to this? By combining flow and average speed reports historically, it is simple to understand if the site is still coping with demand.


Non-Invasive Alternative to Induction Loop Installations 

Rather than requiring in-ground sensors, TrafficRadars require no additional sensors to be able to detect road traffic. The Radars will record volume, speed & length data which will give an indication of vehicle classification, however if detailed chassis based classification is required inductive loop technology is the only alternative option.


Transport Planning & Road Modelling 

Using a culmination of all the above data reports, to allow transport planners and road modellers to carry out their jobs.

Transport planning is defined as planning required in the operation, provision and management of facilities and services for the modes of transport to achieve safer, faster, comfortable, convenient, economical and environment-friendly movement of people and goods.



In summary, the TrafficRadar's non-intrusive technology makes it the perfect choice when installing a non-invasive zero maintenance traffic monitoring solution. The unit has Bluetooth for installation and configuration and is supported by the EasySetup App for effortless configuration. Once the system is installed there is no need to visit site as its robust and weatherproof design means there are no sensors to clean or calibration required.






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