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Private Car Parks are often abused by long stay unauthorised vehicles, it costs you money and is inconvenient. Since the ban on the use of wheel clamps on private land, there has been a rise in car park management using ANPR (automatic number plate recognition). Parking Operators and Facilities Managers can put an end to overstay abuse, optimise and automate the parking process and at the same time maximise revenue.

With free flow parking management ANPR cameras are used to capture car registration plates on entry and exit of the car park to calculate overstays.

TagMaster’s latest intelligent ANPR cameras provide the ‘best in class’ recognition performance to give the most accurate data of plates, perfect for free flow car park management. TagMaster ANPR cameras are designed for easy installation and quick set up. POE+ as standard means installation is simple and cost effective. TagMaster manufacture ‘true’ ANPR cameras, with high quality infra-red imaging for best performance 24/7.


How it works

In free flow parking environments, you need ANPR cameras with the best possible recognition engine to capture vehicles entering at various speeds across wide lanes and acute angles. TagMaster’s true ANPR cameras have been developed specifically for this purpose. TagMaster are proud to have one of the highest correct recognition rates on the market today. This means more overstay ‘matches’ generating more revenue for your organisation.

TagMaster’s intelligent ANPR cameras read the number plates on entry and exit and feed accurate plate data directly into any third-party parking back-office system. With multiple network interfaces (JSON, UTMC, XML and more) for easy integration.

Third party Parking back-office systems will calculate overstays to manage maximum stay parking (limited period of free parking). This can help to reduce parking abuse, increase customer satisfaction, and maximise the efficiency of your car park. Valuable data insights such as traffic volume as well as average stay duration can also be provided. ANPR cameras operate 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, meaning your car park is always protected.

By providing ‘best in class’ recognition rates, TagMaster’s ANPR cameras provide highly accurate data, allowing you to generate maximum revenue from overstay offenders and ensure that spaces are available for legitimate customers.

TagMaster combine multiple methods in our ANPR detection engine: Advanced plate finding, optical character recognition (OCR), syntax checking and artificial intelligence (AI) using various neural nets run simultaneously to automatically find, read and report plate text accurately.

By combining these methods, we can achieve the best recognition results possible, with a very high degree of accuracy.




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Dealing with unauthorised parking in private car parks can be a great inconvenience for owners of private car parks.

TagMaster’s ‘best-in-class’ intelligent ANPR cameras can feed the most accurate plate data directly into any third-party car park management back-office system to help deter and eradicate parking problems and maximise the efficiency of your car park.

TagMaster’s high recognition rates ensures more overstay matches maximising revenue and keeping spaces available for genuine customers, increasing customer satisfaction.



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