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Traffic Monitoring 

TagMaster’s extremely accurate TrafficRadar gathers real-time data about traffic volume, length, type, speed, and direction. It enables you to rapidly deploy hardware for a rich data capture experience at the roadside.

The TrafficRadar is designed and optimised for Smart City applications such as permanent, temporary or periodic counting of vehicles. TagMaster manages directional counting without the need for inground sensors.

The TrafficRadar can monitor 2 lanes of traffic travelling in the same or opposing directions, monitoring each lane separately. The advanced embedded algorithms ensure that the vehicle length measurement is highly accurate, allowing for Vehicle By Vehicle (VBV) classification.

The TrafficRadar can be used in the following applications:

Road Safety Audits

Road safety audit is good practice for all new roads or where a considerable adjustment to the existing highway network is planned. It identifies possible road safety concerns that may affect users of the highway and recommends procedures to eradicate or alleviate those problems.

Road safety audits can be requested for:

Individual vehicle speeds are recorded along with time stamps and lane designation to allow for gap analysis (time in seconds between vehicles) to be reported against speed limit violations to quickly identify dangerous driving behaviour on the road network.

Mounting a radar to traffic signals also allows for ‘speed on green’ data to be captured, once again highlighting road user behaviour in a covert manner. Speed on green cameras aim to capture motorists who exceed the speed limit to pass through a green light before it changes.


Ad Hoc Traffic Surveys

Ad hoc or on demand traffic surveys are used for transport planning to obtain a better understanding of the current road network usage to forecast conditions for the future. This can be achieved by obtaining an accurate measure of traffic (vehicle/pedestrian) numbers and/or vehicle types and speeds.

On demand traffic surveys with the rapidly deployable TrafficRadar to cover two lanes of road traffic by simply mounting the device on existing street furniture.


One Way Street Surveys

A one-way street only allows vehicles to move in one direction down the road. ‘No-entry’ signs are used to prevent vehicles travelling the wrong way along the road. A one-way street can create more road space for cars and bicycles and allow traffic to move more freely.

The TrafficRadar will flag reverse direction vehicles to highlight vehicle disciplines on one-way streets. Reports can easily be generated to report on the number of violations and the time of day that they are taking place.


Speed & flow congestion monitoring

Traffic congestion is characterised by slower speeds, longer trip times, and increased vehicle queueing and is usually related to the volume of traffic being greater than the street capacity and therefore becomes saturated. By monitoring the speed and flow allows transport planners to make informed decisions.

Live traffic data streamed from the TrafficRadar to the VDA-Net platform allows for live speed and flow data to be monitored and alerts raised on the Smart Map when abnormal flow conditions are detected on the road network.

Using this data to feed third party live traffic modelling applications, then allows for green light optimisation to take place to alleviate congestion and reduce emissions.


HGV zone restriction surveys

Heavy Goods Vehicles (HGVs) are a vital component in supporting a town and cities economic growth to service local residents, businesses and industrial estates, however with continued growth comes increased concerns on road network reliability and the environmental impact this brings.

Before a freight strategy can be developed, a local authority needs to understand how their road network is being utilised. If there are concerns HGVs are using roads with weight restrictions, TagMaster’s TrafficRadar can be rapidly deployed to capture vehicle length data to easily report how many large vehicles are using the route.

The configurable length filters available with the VDA applications means that all vehicles under a certain length can be removed from the data set to easily present all the violations for the duration of the survey.


Traffic adaptive lighting projects

Traffic adaptive lighting can help Councils save energy and reduce light pollution without compromising road safety. By managing streetlights via live traffic data to adjust lighting levels according to the flow of the traffic measured.

Permanently installed Radars can provide real-time data feeds for use cases beyond simply capturing traffic data. Streaming this data to street lighting providers allows for decisions to be made on whether to lower lighting levels on certain roads based on live traffic flow information for energy saving purposes.

Alternatively, if a route becomes much busier due to an unforeseen route diversion, streetlights can be brightened to illuminate the roads better for a safer road network.


Road network demand

Is the road now approaching a point of maximum capacity? When vehicle flows reach a certain point, does the average speed start to dwindle? Has the annual growth attributed to this? By combining flow and average speed reports historically, it is simple to understand if the site is still coping with demand.


Transport planning & road modelling

Transport planning is defined as planning required in the operation, provision and management of facilities and services for the modes of transport to achieve safer, faster, comfortable, convenient, economical and environment-friendly movement of people and goods.

Using a culmination of all the above data reports, to allow transport planners and road modellers to carry out their jobs.


Police Traffic Investigation

Police enforce road traffic law in order to promote safer roads and to achieve a reduction in the numbers of people being killed or seriously injured.  This is achieved by focusing efforts on offences which have a direct relationship to road safety. 

TagMaster’s TrafficRadar can be quickly deployed for temporary surveys to understand the speed discipline of a road, often initiated by accidents. During this period the Police can obtain accurate and reliable traffic data, with simple ACPO 10% +2 reporting, to enable informed decisions on and whether further actions are required such as speed cameras or enforcement options.

When integrated into the TagMaster VDA software it can provide the Police with Speed Reports emphasising speed violations. The report below highlights the ACPO 10% +2 at AM and PM peak times.




In summary, the TrafficRadar is the perfect solution in many scenarios for both temporary and permanent applications helping to predict problems more accurately, manipulate behaviour and control congestion. In many cases it provides accurate and reliable data to help make informed decisions.





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