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Automated Number Plate Recognition (ANPR) cameras are crucial for efficient access and secure parking in critical locations like emergency rooms and hospitals.

TagMaster's ANPR cameras, specifically designed for high-stakes situations, play a vital role. They swiftly identify incoming and departing vehicles, facilitating the prompt opening of gates or barriers. These cameras offer precise control over entries and exits, permitting only authorised vehicles or personnel and accurately counting passages.

TagMaster's ANPR cameras boast compatibility with various third-party access control systems, ensuring adaptability across different applications. Additionally, they can operate independently as a standalone solution.


Automated Access With ANPR Cameras

Ensuring immediate access for emergency vehicles and providing priority parking for medical staff stands as a critical concern for the majority of hospitals. The implementation of TagMaster ANPR systems offers a highly efficient solution for the comprehensive management of vehicle identification, authorization, and automatic access.

The imperative for swift access to restricted areas, particularly for ambulances, is met through the ANPR system's ability to identify each ambulance by its number plate at entrance and exit points. Simultaneously, the system facilitates controlled access for hospital employees to designated parking areas, ensuring a consistent availability of parking spaces for staff members.

Furthermore, the TagMaster ANPR system plays a pivotal role in managing parking facilities for visitors. It accurately identifies and charges visitors based on their parking duration, while also reporting instances of overstays for proper follow-up and resolution. The ANPR system extends its reach to every zone within the parking area, ensuring comprehensive coverage.

For seamless integration into existing infrastructures, the TagMaster software can be seamlessly linked to third-party payment systems or back-office systems. This integration allows for the creation of white lists and black lists, enabling the identification and tracking of specific vehicles. In the event of the arrival of vehicles on these lists, an immediate alert, such as an email or message, is triggered, notifying reception or security personnel for timely action and control.



Benefits of ANPR cameras for emergency vehicles:



Implementing TagMaster ANPR systems in hospitals addresses critical concerns related to immediate access for emergency vehicles and priority parking for medical staff. The system efficiently manages vehicle identification, authorisation, and automatic access. Ambulances are swiftly identified at entrance and exit points, while employees enjoy controlled access to designated parking areas.

The ANPR system extends its functionality to visitor parking, accurately charging based on parking duration and reporting overstays. Seamless integration with third-party systems allows for white and blacklists, triggering immediate alerts for specific vehicles, ensuring timely response from reception or security personnel.



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