3 Ways to improve City Services with RFID

Commuters count on reliable public services to help keep them safe from the dangers of snowy roads and sidewalks during wintertime. With TagMaster’s Long-Range RFID solutions, private contractors and public organisations can ensure that they offer the best possible service by maintaining optimal oversight of all kinds of resources, such as: vehicles, drivers, snow dumpsites, gravel pits, etc.

Our Long-Range RFID solutions secures an efficient contractor auditing, reliable vehicle identification, simplified billing process and at the end of the day – better services for the citizens, a better ROI and happy travellers.


Three ways Long-Range RFID can improve city services:


1. Counting and revenue tracking

Does the service fleet and personnel rely on manual reporting and tracking? A TagMaster solution can count automatically. It’s much more efficient and reliable than manual or self-reporting.

Practical application:

A recent TagMaster installation mounted long-range RFID readers at the snow dump location, and assigned RFID tags to contractors. Each time a contractor dumps a load of snow, the contractor’s tag credentials are read and the dump is recorded and attributed to that specific contractor. This ensures accurate numbers of loads are reported for billing and simplifies billing processes. Municipalities can use this type of data, usage and frequency to save money and provide accurate billing.



2. Speed up processes and increase productivity  

Fast entrance times are important to site operators and contractors alike, because fast entrance times mean increased productivity. With hands-free RFID, drivers don’t have to stop their vehicles or roll down their windows to gain entry to the work site. Access is granted automatically to vehicles with authorized credentials. Automatic access means drivers don’t have to face exposure to cold weather. It also saves drivers time, so they can remove more snow in a single shift.

Practical application:

A sand/gravel pit installed long-range RFID readers at the site entrance and mounted RFID tags internally to the windshields of the sand trucks (heavy-duty tags are also available to mount to the exterior of the vehicles). The ID tags are read by the RFID readers, and access is automatically granted or denied. This credential authorization happens quickly and at a range of up to 14 m, so drivers don’t have to stop their vehicles or roll down their windows to gain entrance to the site, and each instance of access is automatically logged by the reader.


3. Secure access control and asset tracking

Know who’s coming and going, and know which of your snow removal vehicles are on-site and when. A TagMaster long-range RFID solution provides automatic identification for authorized credentials, and can be installed as a free flow access solution, or in conjunction with a gate or barrier arm. Access is logged in a database, with dates and times when each vehicle has been on-site, so it’s easy to keep track of your fleet.


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Product information:

Long Range Reader: XT/LR-series 

Tags: Passive/Active ID-tags/cards


About our RFID solutions

High quality for optimal performance

TagMaster’s products are designed to meet high demands of reliability, performance and safety, featuring long reading distance, high reading speed, robust design, climatic resistance, magnetic and electric fields, resistance to mechanical vibration, stress and shock – all while ensuring reliability, performance and safety.

Probably the best Long Range RFID readers in the world

Our superior Long Range RFID readers, are able to scan and read vehicles approaching up to 14 m of range. The readers capture secure, encrypted data from all passing tags, automatically authenticates if it is a valid TagMaster tag, executes on desired action, and pass on information to other integrated applications, if so desired.

Easy to set up and manage

The RFID reader can easily be accessed and set up without additional software. It is also possible to set it up and maintain through an ethernet connection.  All vehicle credentials and data are then stored in the main access system. Once the set-up is complete, the system is active and functional and ready to serve 24/7/365. In TagMaster’s solutions, only one tag per vehicle is needed.

Standard Protocol and Integration

TagMaster’s Long Range RFID readers can send the tag-information via the most commonly used protocols, the readers can also be connected to other vehicle monitoring and management applications. When the long-range readers are integrated with an existing access control system, all the vehicle tags can be managed together with all other, regular, short range readers and access cards.