Increased efficiency in logistic centres and ports with TagMaster's Free Flow solutions.


When an Installer or Integrator is planning an installation of an access solution in a logistics centre or a port, it is important to think about both the complexity of the solution. You have to consider the time it takes to install it, as well as the functionality, ease of use and the cost of ownership for the end user.

The installer wants an easy to understand, easy to install solution and the end user just wants it to work flawlessly for many, many years at a low cost. It must be a win-win situation, and this is why TagMaster Long Range Readers are the perfect choice for both parties.



Bespoke solution: 

Large logistic centres or industrial compound like ports or freight terminals have strict requirements when it comes to whom can access the area, monitor the whereabouts of the vehicle when in the area, and analyse and direct the traffic flow. TagMaster's RFID Long Distance Readers and ANPR cameras are a very suitable technologies to provide secure access and to monitor and analyse the movements of vehicles or use of resources in large logistic centres.

To secure a successful operation its key to: 

Entry access control

All trucks and trailers are identified with TagMaster superior RFID Readers which will read vehicles coming and leaving the area within 14m range. The readers capture secure data from passing tags and authenticates that it is a valid TagMaster tag. The data is forwarded to a software application hosted on a local server. It is also possible to combine RFID Long Range Readers with ANPR cameras (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) to register all in- and outbound traffic.

Flow allocation

With TagMaster Long Distance Readers, trucks are monitored and directional information can be provided to the driver, such as what lane, terminal or Ship-to-shore Gantry Crane to go to, all based on trucks being identified entering or moving within the compound. This enables a secure and efficient flow of traffic.

Monitoring traffic flow

Efficient handling of resources are secured with sophisticated camera software which comes with numerous useful analysis tools. Statistics can show the busiest time of the day to help staffing allocation. The software can also report dwell times of incoming trucks, which can be used to optimize the efficiency of traffic, report waiting time and reduce emissions.

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Why recommend and install TagMaster Long Range Readers:

Standard Protocol and Integration

TagMaster’s Long Range RFID readers can send the tag-information via the most commonly used protocols, the readers can also be connected to other vehicle monitoring and management applications. When the long-range readers are integrated with an existing access control system, all the vehicle tags can be managed together with all other, regular, short range readers and access cards. (Combination card, UHF long range and Mifare/Desfire in the same card).

Easy to set up and manage

The RFID reader can easily be accessed and set up without additional software. It is also possible to set it up and maintain through an ethernet connection.  All vehicle credentials and data are then stored in the main access system. Once the set-up is complete, the system is active and functional and ready to serve 24/7/365. In TagMaster’s solutions, only one tag per vehicle is needed.

High quality for optimal performance

TagMaster’s products are designed to meet high demands of reliability, performance and safety, featuring long reading distance, high reading speed, robust design, climatic resistance, magnetic and electric fields, resistance to mechanical vibration, stress and shock – all while ensuring reliability, performance and safety.

Probably the best Long Range RFID readers in the world

Our superior Long Range RFID readers, are able to identify vehicles approaching up to 14m range. The readers capture secure, encrypted data from all passing tags, automatically authenticates if it is a valid TagMaster tag, executes on desired action, and pass on information to other integrated applications, if so desired.

Additional value and services

We support you and your project. You can always contact us for consultation, and support before, during and after the project. On site /On line consultation, Installation support, repair service and 2 year warranty.



For more information on how you can use TagMaster Long Range RFID Readers, please download the following guide:

TagMaster Application guide: Heavy Vehicles


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