Convenient and trouble-free residential and office parking with RFID Long Range Readers.


When an Installer or Integrator is planning an installation of an access solution for a parking area, garage or similar, a number of different considerations and decisions have to be made:

The installer has to consider the time it takes to install it, the complexity and perhaps also integrate it with an existing access system. The installer also must select an access solution with the right functionality, be able to present the investment costs and how to manage the solution on a daily basis for the client. And as if that were not enough, the solution must be user friendly and trouble free for the end user. 

Therefore, TagMaster Long Range Readers are the perfect choice for all three parties - Installers, property/facility managers and residents!


Our Parking Access Solution

TagMaster's RFID Long Range Readers is an excellent solution to manage restricted parking areas and meet all major requirements a modern facility manager have on a parking access solution. TagMaster provides solutions that make people park in the assigned parking lot, not causing a chain reaction of incorrect parking and keep both residents and facility managers happy.

What is a Property Manager or Landlord looking for in a Parking Access Solution?

Reliable & Secure               

The parking solution must be secure and reliable. It goes without saying that only authorised vehicles should be allowed to enter, and the hardware should to be tamper proof. There is no room for downtime or insufficient quality. The solution has to be able to operate in all weather conditions and temperatures.

Easy to manage   

It must be very easy to add, remove or update users in the system, normally through a central, remotely controlled access system.

Cost efficient

The solution must be reasonably priced and be working without any additional, complicated hardware or extra installation costs.

Trouble free

The hardware must be of high quality, work flawlessly year after year, with a minimum of maintenance. There should be no need for updates of internal software or firmware. 


The system must work together with the existing access control system, without additional interface converters or custom programming.

Statistics and monitoring

It must be possible to log traffic going in or out and see statistics for each parking area or garage.  

Sectioning of parking areas 

The solution might need functionality to create different parking sections. Guests and residents/tenants should only be able to park in their assigned area.

Positive experience     

And last, but not the least, the solution must provide a safe, positive, and smooth experience for the residents/tenants using the parking space. 


TagMaster meets all the above requirements - and more!


Why recommend and install TagMaster Long Range Readers:

Standard Protocol and Integration

TagMaster’s Long Range RFID readers can send the tag-information via the most commonly used protocols, the readers can also be connected to other vehicle monitoring and management applications. When the long-range readers are integrated with an existing access control system, all the vehicle tags can be managed together with all other, regular, short range readers and access cards. (Combination card, UHF long range and Mifare/Desfire in the same card). 

Easy to set up and manage

The RFID reader can easily be accessed and set up without additional software. It is also possible to set it up and maintain through an ethernet connection.  All vehicle credentials and data are then stored in the main access system. Once the set-up is complete, the system is active and functional and ready to serve 24/7/365. In TagMaster’s solutions, only one tag per vehicle is needed. The solution can also be set up as a stand-alone installation.

High quality for optimal performance

TagMaster’s products are designed to meet high demands of reliability, performance and safety, featuring long reading range, high reading speed, robust design, climatic resistance, magnetic and electric fields, resistance to mechanical vibration, stress and shock – all while ensuring reliability, performance and safety.

Probably the best Long Range RFID readers in the world

Our superior Long Range RFID readers, are able to identify vehicles approaching up to 14m range. The readers capture secure, encrypted data from all passing tags, automatically authenticates if it is a valid TagMaster tag, executes on desired action, and pass on information to other integrated applications, if so desired. The readers are packed with functionality to address practically any situation or demand that might occur.

Additional value and services

We support you and your project. You can always contact us for consultation, and support before, during and after the project. On site /On-line consultation, Installation support, repair service and 2 year warranty.


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For more information on how you can use TagMaster Long Range RFID Readers, please download the following guide:

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